Initial Assessment


1 hr 30 session



1 hr session

Treatment times may vary 

Small Animal
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Initial Assessment

1 hr 15 session



45 mins session

Treatment times may vary 

Farm Animal


Initial Assessment



Treatment times may vary 

Travel Costs

25 miles 

35 miles 

45 miles 




All Distances are taken from the post code WS15 3QG 

Travel Costs do not apply if 3 or more animals are being treated in one location. 

Deals & Offers

Multi-animal Discount


Book three or more animals (different or same species) in the same location and day and get 5% off all treatments.

Multi-session Discount

Book 5 sessions (excluding initial assessments) and get the 6th session free.

Please note travel costs may still apply, all sessions must be for the same animal and claimed within 12 months of initial purchase. 

Yard Discounts

Yard Discounts are available, please contact us for more information

Payment Methods

Card Payment

You can pay us by card via are sum up terminal on the day.

Bank Transfer

You can pay us by BACS, strictly within 14 days of treatment. 


You can pay us by Cash on the day of treatment.


You can pay us by Cheque made payable to Fauna Veterinary Physiotherapy on the day of treatment.