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Equine Physiotherapy 

We provide a full initial assessment of each client helping us build a tailored treatment plan, as well as reassessing your horse every time we see them. We treat a wide range of equines (horses, ponies, donkeys and mules) and conditions including orthopaedic, neurological and musculoskeletal problems and pain, as well as helping to maintain horses at their optimal level from companion horses to top-level competition horses. 

We will use a wide range of techniques, including manual therapy, electrotherapy, remedial exercises and other modalities to treat your horse. This enables us to help maximise the benefits to each individual horse, each treatment is tailormade dependent on the requirements of your horse and using a sound knowledge base and clinical reasoning to employ the best possible techniques for each case. 

Treating under veterinary referral alongside your vets and other professionals allows us to gain a holistic approach to all-round well-being for your horse.

For more information on the techniques we utilise visit our services section.

Help us, Help them!

At Fauna we believe that to maximise the benefits to your horses we need your help, we often give you exercises to do and a home care plan. We do fully explain and demonstrate each exercise or technique as well as providing a written home exercise program specific to your horse, this can either be emailed or printed and posted. We can provide crib sheets for exercises, so you can refer back to them.

 You can also visit our YouTube channel for how-to videos for most exercises. 

If at any point you are unable to complete the exercises or your horse is struggling please contact us we can always find alternative ways to achieve similar benefits.

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Initial Assessment

1hr30 -2hr session

New clients require an initial assessment, this includes a detailed case history and workup, which may include a trot up, lunging or ridden assessment, thorough palpation, and range of motion assessment to allow us to determine the best possible treatment program for your horse. This session includes a comprehensive treatment. 


1 hr-1hr30 session

Treatments may comprise of a mix of electrotherapeutic modalities, manual therapies, and remedial exercises. 

A complimentary home exercise and care plan is provided and amended after each treatment. This enables us to help your horse get the most out of each session. 

To book an appointment 


Veterinary Referral 

By law we require veterinary consent prior to treatment of all horses. We ensure vets are kept well informed about the progress of your horse and will raise any concerns we may have with them. 

our veterinary referral form can be downloaded: 

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